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Hate being bored and having nothing to do? Then Fluk-Fluk is for you. It is a completely random and totally pointless social network. Our unique online community has all kinds of fun and entertaining things for you to checkout. It is a mix of a multi author blog and social website, but there's a lot more to this site than that. You can ask questions, post on the activity wall, start a group, add a link, or meet up with like minded people who have similar interests as you. If that's not enough then go and checkout the forums or go and see if you can find anything there that catches your attention. Remember you can post anything you want, anywhere you want, at anytime you want. From the bizarre and unusual to your everyday topics such as news and entertainment. Or just go ahead and let loose some angry rants or some random and pointless rambling on the chat walls. Lets not forget there is also categories you can read and checkout. Or if you have something you want to say then you can add your two cents by adding your own post. There is all the usual everyday stuff like news, fashion, sports, health, gaming, and entertainment. But you also have categories such as stupid, strange, disturbing, amazing, and true shit. So if your sitting their and don't know what to do then go post a story or an article. Maybe upload an image or two. Or you can even go and ask a question that you have had lurking inside of your head. Found something cool you want to share? Then go ahead and add a link. Basically do whatever the hell you feel like doing. We tried to give people a diverse website that allows them to do whatever they want online. Hopefully after you come to Fluk-Fluk you'll be saying " Fluk you, Fluk Me, Fluk the World!" and we hope that you keep coming back. Anyway THANK YOU and why not go have some fun online and FLUK IT UP for a little while?  

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